Строим дом своими руками - ресурс по дизайну, строительству, отделке и ремонту дома своими руками.

  • Характеристики дерева для паркета - порода, твёрдость, плотность и особенности.

    The parquet is divided by sawing into the two main categories radial and tangentially. The name is dictated by the direction of annual rings of a tree.

  • Этапы подключения газа в дом - пошаговая инструкция.

    Every year world-wide progress offers us new sources of energy. But, despite the range of options, practical and affordability of many of them inferior to of gasification.

  • Виды воздуховодов по форме их промышленное производство.

    Clean air is the key to a good mood and most productive labour. To ensure that it will help a modern ventilation system. On the market of ventilation equipment presents different types of mechanisms which differ not only in size. the air Ducts can be: the

  • Таблица определения качества воды - способы для домашних условий.

    To truly appreciate the quality of the water it is necessary to make correct and reliable chemical analysis, which is necessary to contact the laboratory accredited to conduct chemical and physical studies on drinking water in accordance with the requirements of all applicable governing documents

  • Керамзитобетон в строительстве - фундамент, плиты перекрытия, блоки.

    During construction works one of the necessary building material is a concrete and regular concrete. They are used, starting with the earliest stages of production. In order to build a house, you want to build a Foundation and for this you will need concrete.

  • If you want to create in your garden a warm environment, to enhance the beauty and just to make it easier on yourself

  • Blinds, hardly appeared in our everyday life have become tremendously popular due to the effect of creating uniform i

  • If You ever bought conditioners, you may already know that they have an extensive list of technical characteristics.

  • For many parents enroll your children in school is a reason to think about the reorganization or the arrangement of f

  • Wallpaper is perhaps the most popular material for finishing walls.

  • The versatility of brick proved not one decade.

На чём лучше не экономить в строительстве - практические советы.

Very often during the renovation or construction of a house craftsmen and sellers of building materials markets sugge

Как распознать и уничтожить древесных вредителей

We all know that our home must confront not only the effects of various weath


Виды шпатлевок для стен - масляно-клеевые, сухие, воднодисперсионные и акриловые.

To align the walls in the room have appropriate materials.


Методы крепления деревянных конструкций металлические зубчатые пластины или саморезы?

There are at least two effective, relatively simple and quick method for manu

Сайдинг в строительстве - виды и их плюсы.
Siding in construction - types and their advantages.

The house without exterior looks bare. Priority two ways to dry the walls.

Как сделать идеальную стяжку - технология заливки ровных полов.

To make the perfect plate to use the right materials.


Как клеить обои на потолок пошаговая инструкция.

Making repairs, often have to deal with wallpapering the ceiling.