Arrangement of child's room

some tips for choosing furniture.
Обустройство детской комнаты

For many parents enroll your children in school is a reason to think about the reorganization or the arrangement of furniture in the nursery. It is very child spends a lot of time doing a variety of things. Baby sleeps in his room, playing by myself or with friends, studying and doing homework. What should be the furniture, to successfully combine all the features and like to the child? the

youth Bed

The most important element in the children's room is definitely the bed. How comfortable will depend on how well the baby will relax. In addition, the quality of the sleeping bed depends on the correct formation of the baby's spine and its health. The bed should be durable, with a surface width of not less than 70 cm. the

Writing Desk for your child

The next element, no less important than the bed is a Desk. Its optimal size 120X60 cm Must be provided additional space for writing utensils and the free space under the table, so that the child can freely and comfortably. Special attention should be paid to the presence of sharp corners, in order to avoid the risk of injury to the child. the

Comfortable chair

And, of course, a chair for the student also should be chosen very carefully. It needs to be sustainable, it is desirable to adjust the height and angle of the chair. Children grow very fast, so this feature is sure to be used.

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