Choosing Wallpaper paste

and what affects its value.
Выбираем обойный клей и что влияет на его стоимость.

Choosing Wallpaper stasis also need to purchase glue to fasten them on the wall. There are manufacturers, which produce parallel glue to their finishing materials. But if none were, then you'll need to determine what type of glue is suitable to work with a particular selected material. Before buying, carefully read the instructions and make sure that this is exactly what you need. Modern glue is produced in the form of a dry mix, that will need to be diluted with water or already ready to eat. Key indicators of the adhesive is its adhesion and safety. There is a universal mass that is used for mounting a variety of surfaces (ceiling tiles, panels, frames, etc.). However, it is better to choose a specific glue for those jobs that you are going to perform. This will allow to obtain better results than the use of universal tools. The value of glue depends on the presence in the composition various additives, necessary to ensure certain qualities: the

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