The claydite-concrete in construction

Foundation, slabs, blocks.
Керамзитобетон в строительстве - фундамент, плиты перекрытия, блоки.

During construction works one of the necessary building material is a concrete and regular concrete. They are used, starting with the earliest stages of production. In order to build a house, you want to build a Foundation and for this you will need concrete. Make it yourself in the necessary to pour the Foundation the number, of course, possible. But the technology works is such that between the first and subsequent batches of concrete should not be a large gap of time, otherwise the Foundation will not have the technical characteristics, which are calculated and indicated in design estimates. So better to order concrete with the delivery of specialized manufacturing enterprise. One of the technological properties of concrete is that, if you stop stirring, it solidifies. Currently, the delivery of concrete mixer produced by virtually all industrial enterprises. The difference consists only in the fact that immediately you pay for his work (1 km), or only after a certain number of ways. Therefore, before you order a concrete delivery, check what mileage the work of the mixer is included in the price. expanded-clay lightweight Concrete in construction blockin Made from claydite-concrete wall blocks. They have the same properties as conventional brick, but with much less weight. With blocks of this material you can reduce the load on the Foundation and floor slab, laying out the partitions and walls. If we talk about the quality of insulation of the walls of claydite-concrete, it should be noted that it is quite high. That is, such that in said one room, and behind a partition fully heard - no. Also he has a high insulating performance. This is important for those who live in a private house with individual heating. If your walls are made of concrete, you can fearlessly to maintain rooms at different temperatures. This material will not be allowed to cool down to those in which the temperature is higher. In fact, the concrete got its name from the name of the filler – expanded clay (expanded clay). Dimensions expanded-clay concrete blocks more than the bricks. Therefore, during the masonry you are using a smaller amount of solution, and the work will be completed much faster. But construction technology is not changed. Must work a minimum of two people at the same time.

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