Marble from concrete

how to make your own hands?
мрамор из бетона

Marble from concrete is a beautiful and inexpensive finishing materials. Ease of production makes possible the manufacture of artificial marble with his own hands. Can be used for interior decoration and outdoor decoration in landscape design.

Area of application decorative marble

To start let's see what is stamped concrete and consider its composition. The basis for artificial marble is a cement-sand mixture with various additives and Collier. Marble from concrete is durable, fire resistant, environmentally friendly components is different in the production. The main application found in the production of the following construction elements:

  • Decorative wall tile
  • Countertops
  • Monuments
  • Balustrades & balusters
  • Sills

What is needed for the production of marble from concrete?

In the production technology of ornamental marble is not complicated but you need some equipment:

  • concrete mixer – for mixing the components of the decorative concrete
  • Form – to fill in them of marble from concrete
  • vibrating table – to fill in the corners of the form.

the For solution preparation artificial marble we will need:

  • Cement grade PCD or PCD
  • Sand must be sifted from debris
  • clear water
  • Plasticizer amount added depends on the manufacturer (see package)
  • Color – better to take resistant to weather conditions

the a Little about the colorIf you want to achieve saturated colors it is better to use white cement. This will not only make the product brighter and stronger, as the amount of dye for this kind of marble will need less. The dyes can be of different types:

  • Powder
  • Liquid color
  • Granulated pigments

Proportions for mortar cultured marble





Team Cement (fraction) Sand (percent)
ofakturivaniya surfaces 1 1
For facing and paving tiles 1 2
For curbs and paving tiles 1 3

All other components are added depending on the package and mixed for 10 minutes.

Technology of production of marble from concrete

The finished solution should have a consistence of dense sour cream. After mixing, spread the finished mixture into molds and place them on a vibrating table. A little "shake" to fill all corners and curves and put it on the day in a room protected from direct sunlight. After exposure can pull the finished product from the mold.

the Pros and cons of cultured marble

the Pros:

  1. Durability is superior to natural stone in average 45%
  2. Durability – two times less susceptible to abrasion
  3. Security – when heated it does not emit toxic substances
  4. all-weather resistant to all weather conditions
  5. Price is cheaper than natural stone

the Cons:

  1. , you Need certain equipment. The main problem is the form.
  2. Requires some skill, the number of added parts (comes with experience)

On completing this survey article for the production of marble from concrete in future articles will delve into the production of artificial marble. You can leave your questions in the comments.

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мрамор из бетона

Marble from concrete is a beautiful and inexpensive finishing materials. Ease of production...

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