Liquid Wallpaper with your hands

an overview of the advantages and application technology.
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In this article we will explain what is a liquid Wallpaper, let's consider their advantages and disadvantages. And learn how to apply liquid Wallpaper on the surface.

what is liquid Wallpaper

In fact, liquid Wallpaper is the same as plaster, but it is only at first glance. They are much easier to decorate the walls, and decorative components in the liquid Wallpaper, make it special.the Ingredients:

  • Base – adhesive additive made from natural ingredients.
  • the Fibers of silk and cotton
  • cellulose Fibers
  • Dyes
  • Decorative parts

As the decorative components can serve as sawdust, fibers, wool, sequins. Sell liquid Wallpaper in kilogram plastic bags.

the Pros and cons of liquid Wallpaper

the Pros:

  1. Can be applied to uneven walls.
  2. Provide good heat and sound insulation, consists of tiny "disala" long.
  3. antistatic.
  4. Not susceptible to dampness and growth of molds.
  5. be Applied both on vertical and on horizontal surface.
  6. Fully fills all the cracks and joints and forms a seamless surface.
  7. odorless.
  8. Easy to apply and remove.
  9. nonflammable

the Cons:

  1. Long dries.
  2. Cannot be used in wet areas without varnish.
  3. Easy to corrupt.
  4. High price.

Technology of application of liquid Wallpaper

  1. Prepare the wall
  2. Everything is standard and does not require any super natural abilities. For he began to purge the surface. Then align the walls with plaster and treated with acrylic primer a few times to make the walls white. The fact that the surface for applying liquid Wallpaper must be whiter, it will make them more expressive. Application is carried out in a well ventilated area and temperatures below 10 degrees.

  3. Knead Wallpapers
  4. Funny as it may sound, but the Wallpaper must knead it with water.

    Before you start, you need to calculate how much Wallpaper we would need to process one wall, and make the same amount of liquid Wallpaper. Since the color in different packages may differ.

    Then insist them for a while and mix up again. As soon as the mass becomes a homogeneous liquid Wallpaper is ready to use.

  5. Put on the wall
  6. For applying liquid Wallpaper on the wall, we need the trowel. Immediately after application, smooth out the surface with float. Actually all, there are no problems it should not cause.

As we wrote above, the disadvantages are long drying, so you will need to wait about 3 days. If liquid Wallpaper applied in the bathroom or in the kitchen, once dry, covered them with varnish, can be cleaned with a sponge. In ordinary indoor varnish is not necessary, let the Wallpaper "breathe" without nail Polish they can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. And remember, application of liquid Wallpaper is a completely creative process, so experiment. Finally a few photos for ideas.liquid Wallpaperliquid Wallpaperliquid Wallpaperliquid Wallpaper

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In this article we will explain what is a liquid Wallpaper, let's consider their advantages and...