Types of radiators

how to choose the best?
виды радиаторов, выбрать лучший просто

There are several types of radiators for heating. It's steel, aluminum, bimetal and cast iron. In this article we describe in detail the nuances of each. the

Height radiators for heating

Steel radiators are convector type, made of panels. There are one panel, two and three. Their length is from 40 centimeters up to three meters. Height they're usually 30,40,50,60 and 90cm. Aluminum, bimetal and cast iron sectional radiators are. They can have a height of 20, 35 or 50 cm. Height is not at the edges of the radiator, and exits, so the real height can be 3-5cm more. the

to Each room a specific radiator

In the house you can put any kinds of radiators. In the apartment can only be bi-metal or cast-iron. This is because the apartments in the summer the water is drained, and in their homes is no. Therefore, aluminum radiators installed in the apartment impossible. Steel can't be installed, because they can leak, especially if the neighbors like to steal the light. the

calculation of the number of sections in the radiator

One section of the radiator is able to heat a 1.5 square meter area. If the height of the radiator is smaller, it is better to rely on 1 section of 1 square meter. For example, 15 square meters, so you need to put 10 sections. It should be noted that this calculation can be conducted, if ceiling height is less than three meters. If more, it is necessary to count with the stock. Steel radiators are calculated differently, because their great variety. Individual calculation is performed on a special table. Radiators it is always better to take stock and to put the taps. If it's hot, you can always turn off the radiator. But if it will be cold, "to turn up the heat" to the gas boiler. with In private home best suited steel radiators for the following reasons:

  1. Size - you can choose any model according to the size of your window.
  2. the

  3. completeness - included are usually mounting, caps and plugs. For sectional radiators have to separately purchase a set.
  4. the

  5. Heat output - steel panel radiators higher than that of the sectional. They have both reflective and convection heat transfer.

In addition, you can buy radiators with bottom eyeliner, if you want to hide pipes or install a collector system. Such radiators usually go under the thermal head so as to regulate the temperature of each radiator separately. If you watch the program on construction, we can see that the larger cabins installed panel radiators. Aluminum radiators also do not want to install, if you have a boiler with copper heat exchanger. It can be bad, the radiator and the heat exchanger. That's all, in a previous article, we described why wall mounted gas boiler best outdoor. And remember, to choose the radiator is not difficult, just remember that take a long time for myself, so take this issue seriously.

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