The construction with his own hands

What is better not to save in construction

practical advice.
На чём лучше не экономить в строительстве - практические советы.

Very often during the renovation or construction of a house craftsmen and sellers of building materials markets suggest, it would seem unnecessary and extra work and materials. Often the customer is trying to save money, refuses them. And it is in vain.


Types of putty for walls

oil-glutinous, dry, water-dispersed and acrylic.
Виды шпатлевок для стен - масляно-клеевые, сухие, воднодисперсионные и акриловые.

To align the walls in the room have appropriate materials. More recently, widely used oil-glutinous shpatlevki made on the basis of drying oil. They were cheap and not complicated. However, their benefits ended. Today there is a wide range of dry putty, which was the cement and plaster.

Methods of fastening wooden structures

metal gear plate or screws?
Методы крепления деревянных конструкций металлические зубчатые пластины или саморезы?

There are at least two effective, relatively simple and quick method for manufacturing of wooden structures. The use of MOS (metal toothed plates), the first of them. This method is quite attractive low material and physical costs, with high quality products.

Design of small home

made of logs.
Проект компактного дома из оцилиндрованного бревна.

Compact affordable residential house made of logs. The interior provides accommodation for families of 3-5 people. Living room, kitchen and dining room are one room. On the ground floor there is a bedroom which can become a guest room.