Facing brick

a few facts.
Облицовочный кирпич

The versatility of brick proved not one decade. And it is hardly necessary to repeat almost axiomatic truths, such as frost resistance, strength and environmental friendliness. This is all true for brick. Its advantages include the fact that the price of building brick is readily available, given the demand. However, facing brick, which appeared on the construction market not so long ago, consumers are much more likely. the

Facing brick - what is it?

It should be noted that the cost of facing bricks is a little more building. This is due to special requirements as to the appearance, which does not allow even the slightest of chips, he is facing and simply maintaining geometric shapes. Along with frost resistance, strength and insulation performance, which is facing brick has the ability to remove harmful compounds. This ability of facing bricks allows to protect the house from coming from the environment of various harmful substances. As a kind of barrier, facing brick maintenance-free, purged itself during the rains. Water absorption, which reaches 9% by mass, indicates the presence of branched interconnected pores in the brick. From the point of view of the regulation of the terms “movement” of water vapor from the room outwards through the thickness of the brickwork, this feature facing brick is very useful. Simply put, this property allows the walls to "breathe". the


There is an opinion that long service façade face brick, it should be gidrogenizirovanii. Through this, You will protect the facade from the effects of freezing water. That may be so, but choosing a repellent, you need to refrain from using means that create on the surface of masonry vapour barrier film. It will impede the steam outlet. Any lowering of the temperature will promote condensation of water in the liquid state. In that case, if the temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius, water will freeze, which may cause the destruction of the facade.

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