Finish with your own hands

Siding in construction

types and their advantages.
Сайдинг в строительстве - виды и их плюсы.

The house without exterior looks bare. Priority two ways to dry the walls. You can close the exterior walls of sandwich panels. For this finish does not require additional preparation of the wall surface.


How to make the perfect tie

technology fill smooth floors.
Как сделать идеальную стяжку - технология заливки ровных полов.

To make the perfect plate to use the right materials. Traditionally, screed is dry concrete mixes. But since the material is not very durable, it was replaced by new technologies. Today popular floor fillers for which used self-leveling mixture.

How to hang Wallpaper on a ceiling

step by step instructions.
Как клеить обои на потолок пошаговая инструкция.

Making repairs, often have to deal with wallpapering the ceiling. In this article we will discuss how to do it? Wallpaper cut on cloths of the necessary length and placed in a pile, wrong side up.

How to glue and paint fiberglass

strong and durable material.
Как клеить и красить стеклообои - прочный и долговечный материал.

Wall coating is a new sample steel fiberglass. For their manufacture using quartz sand, lime, soda, dolomite, which fully guarantees the absence of harmful synthetic inclusions while maintaining high wear resistance. The structure of the material resembles a knitted sweater.

What should be ceramic tile

single or double firing?
Какой должна быть керамическая плитка одинарного или двойного обжига?

No novelties of the construction market is unable to expel from our homes ceramic tile. Selecting this material is the main criterion remains the beauty. But this is not quite correct, because you must know its scope. Most manufacturers make tile collection with several types of decor.