The floor with their hands

How to make the perfect tie

technology fill smooth floors.
Как сделать идеальную стяжку - технология заливки ровных полов.

To make the perfect plate to use the right materials. Traditionally, screed is dry concrete mixes. But since the material is not very durable, it was replaced by new technologies. Today popular floor fillers for which used self-leveling mixture.

How to choose laminate

its colour, pattern and quantity.
Как подобрать ламинат его цвет, рисунок и количество.

Before buying we have to think about. This rule applies to the choice of laminate. Decide on the color of the material and the atmosphere you want to feel in your room. If it's too hard, then just get the laminate under the door color.


The pros of cork flooring

the beauty and friendliness!
Плюсы пробковых полов - красота и экологичность!

Previously, the term tube is associated only with wine, but today cork materials has changed dramatically and they became the darlings of interior designers. The fact that this material extracted from the bark of the cork oak is a wonderful range of floor and wall coverings.


A brief overview of laminate flooring

choose and protect the surface.
Краткий обзор ламината выбираем и защищаем поверхность.

Alternative flooring can be laminate flooring, which is an imitation of parquet. It is made of synthetic material, deposited on a polymer base. A classic of the genre simulates wood, but there are imitation stones, ornaments and abstract paintings.