Heating with his own hands

The right choice of air conditioning

optimal criteria and site selection.
Правильный выбор кондиционера оптимальные критерии и выбор места.

If You ever bought conditioners, you may already know that they have an extensive list of technical characteristics. Some indicators indicate more efficient cooling of the air in the room. Control system and energy saving modes.

Water heating in private house

the principle of operation and manual of the device.
Водяное отопление в частном доме

If you still think that water heating in a private home cannot be done by yourself, after reading this material you will change their point of view.

Types of heating systems

for the home and garden, the pros and cons.
Виды системы отопления

Heating country house plays a crucial role in determining the comfort of staying in it, especially during the cold period of the year. There are so many different systems, the choice of which depends on the area of the house and the availability of appropriate infrastructure.

Outdoor heating

the advantages and disadvantages.
Напольная система отопления

To date, various technologies for space heating is widespread. One type of heating is floor heating. In-floor heating under the floor is the circulation system of the coolant.

Closed cassette fireplace

advantages compared to conventional fireplace.
кассетный камин

A fireplace becomes an integral element of a country house. However, traditional fireplaces are quite inefficient and instead bring warmth into the house, they can serve as a path for energy loss.