How to glue and paint fiberglass

strong and durable material.
Как клеить и красить стеклообои - прочный и долговечный материал.

Wall coating is a new sample steel fiberglass. For their manufacture using quartz sand, lime, soda, dolomite, which fully guarantees the absence of harmful synthetic inclusions while maintaining high wear resistance. The structure of the material resembles a knitted sweater. The open structure of loops contributes to the free movement of water vapor, thus greatly improves the internal climate. Fiberglass can be washed, and they quietly tolerate almost all detergents. This finish will last about 30 years, this color can be repeated up to 20 times. This makes it possible to change the design and saves money. Wallpaper glued on any surface. When preparing to be sure to seal wide cracks and big bumps. Porous surfaces primed with a glutinous solution. To glue the Wallpaper is not difficult. The adhesive is applied to the surface, rather than on the Wallpaper. Strips glued back to back. When cutting leave allowance up to 5 cm to align the pattern. After the excess is trimmed. When gluing fiberglass for example the horizontal joint. So there is little waste. Paint the fiberglass twice. The interval of deposition of layers 12 hours. For staining, the best option will be water-resistant emulsion. Consider choosing fiberglass is that it is not clearly defined pattern after several colorations just get lost. In the domestic market of the imported material are presented manufacturers and is in high demand. And that's because today, fiberglass is considered to be the most durable material of all proposed wall coverings.

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