How to hang Wallpaper on a ceiling

step by step instructions.
Как клеить обои на потолок пошаговая инструкция.

Making repairs, often have to deal with wallpapering the ceiling. In this article we will discuss how to do it? Wallpaper cut on cloths of the necessary length and placed in a pile, wrong side up. Applying adhesive to ceiling Wallpaper is absolutely identical to the same operation with wall Wallpaper. Glue thickly applied to the middle of the leaf and spread to the edges with a broad brush. You should try to put a uniform layer of glue. Missed strips stack of accordion-fold, side folds to 30 cm So convenient to glue the fabric. Leave the Wallpaper for a few minutes to soak up. Prepare cushion, scissors, upholstery brush and climb the "goat". Create a support for the folded in "accordion leaf", using the available tools. Attach the upper portion of the strip to the ceiling, porovnejte on benchmarks and press firmly. Check which could result in wrinkles and bubbles. Now you can flatten the area with an upholstery brush, performing movement from the middle to the edges. Further, the technology of the process remains the same. Gradually straightening out the folds, attach them to the ceiling, pressing and smoothing. Look for the intersection, it needs to stay clean. Excess adhesive immediately wipe. It is important to ensure that the edge of the Wallpaper strips accurately formed on a reference line, not deviating from it even a millimeter. Otherwise the remaining strips will also lie not exactly, and the ceiling will get "swamped". If you are going to glue ceilings put on your work clothes with multiple pockets, then you don't have to be acrobatic abilities, trying to get a roller or a pair of scissors. The tool will always be at hand.

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