How to make the perfect tie

technology fill smooth floors.
Как сделать идеальную стяжку - технология заливки ровных полов.

To make the perfect plate to use the right materials. Traditionally, screed is dry concrete mixes. But since the material is not very durable, it was replaced by new technologies. Today popular floor fillers for which used self-leveling mixture. To improve the insulating qualities for flooring is placed a layer of polystyrene foam. Self-leveling floors can be covered with any finish coatings. The layer of the floor has a small thickness, which is convenient when stowing it in the low areas. Plasters are rough alignment that are designed to create the main depth of the screed and the finish, which creates a smooth surface. The first trains have large fractional components. Finish the mixture by contrast, contain a small fraction, which allows to apply them in a thin layer. Before you start, close Windows and doors. The surface of the screed during laying and drying should not be blown by drafts. Spreading levelling compound will improve the priming of the surface. Mix for floor leveling water-soluble, therefore before packing, to prevent wicking, you need to equip the waterproofing layer. This will eliminate problems with neighbors. After the base is prepared, on the perimeter of the room output level and set the beacons. Now you can start kneading the mixture. Stick to the proportions. Excess water will froth the solution and will cause delamination of the material. After the pouring is carried out levelling of the surface.

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