How to recognize and destroy tree pests

second place for damage after fires.
Как распознать и уничтожить древесных вредителей

We all know that our home must confront not only the effects of various weather conditions, but also to protect from the scourge and the living beings. After all, birds, insects and rodents are constantly creating not only some inconvenience for residents, but also can contribute to and demolish the home. Most harm in the form of destruction of wood, which can be not only furniture, but also the entire house, causing all types of microorganisms, i.e. fungi and insects. You probably will be surprised to learn that these pests are second on damage, immediately after the fires. Of course, though various bugs and are less dangerous than termites, but they are much more. It bobs and fungus that spreads like wild-fire in rooms with high humidity. I hope now You understand how much Your home is at risk of being destroyed due to various pests, and although to take the necessary measures to disinfect and you can own, for best results you should use the servants professionals. To detect the presence of insects perhaps in slight rustling that occurs due to the movement of parasites in the tree. As can be seen the traces in the form of tiny holes or the presence of small piles of wood dust. Remember that the development of insects stimulates increased dampness, so you should eliminate it at the first sign, so that in the future not have any more serious problems. For pest management use fungicides and insecticides. If areas of the wood cannot be restored they need to be cut and burned.

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