Installation of doors with their hands

What is the steel door to choose

for apartment, house or Villa.
Какую стальную дверь выбрать для квартиры, дома или дачи.

Deciding to install a steel door decide what the quality should be paramount. At first the plan usually goes the reliability. Steel door must be able to withstand physical impacts, "intellectual hacking". Important for door providing the original functionality.

The pros and cons of sliding doors

to save space or not?
Плюсы и минусы раздвижных дверей - экономить место или нет?

In today's world not everyone can afford the apartment with a large area, most of us have to settle for small apartments. For many small apartments space saving is the keynote of the interior design. That is, all aimed at properly to save some space using the available space to the maximum.