Installation with your own hands

Types of ducts in the form

their industrial production.
Виды воздуховодов по форме их промышленное производство.

Clean air is the key to a good mood and most productive labour. To ensure that it will help a modern ventilation system. On the market of ventilation equipment presents different types of mechanisms which differ not only in size. the air Ducts can be: the

The right choice of air conditioning

optimal criteria and site selection.
Правильный выбор кондиционера оптимальные критерии и выбор места.

If You ever bought conditioners, you may already know that they have an extensive list of technical characteristics. Some indicators indicate more efficient cooling of the air in the room. Control system and energy saving modes.

What is the steel door to choose

for apartment, house or Villa.
Какую стальную дверь выбрать для квартиры, дома или дачи.

Deciding to install a steel door decide what the quality should be paramount. At first the plan usually goes the reliability. Steel door must be able to withstand physical impacts, "intellectual hacking". Important for door providing the original functionality.

Types of switches

a brief overview of.
Виды электровыключателей краткий обзор.

Having been engaged in repair, first of all changing the wiring and old switches. Now a large selection of these devices. They are divided according to the method of fixing wires to them. There are the following kinds of clamps:

  1. screwless
  2. the

Varieties of blinds

material and care.
Разновидности жалюзи - материал исполнения и уход за ним.

Blinds, hardly appeared in our everyday life have become tremendously popular due to the effect of creating uniform illumination. Blinds there are three varieties:

  1. Vertical