Installing kitchen sinks

with his own hands.
Установка кухонной мойки своими руками.

Kitchen sink is an important element the working area, so you want so that it functioned smoothly and had a pleasant appearance. Fortunately the modern market of car washes rich in proposals. Considering the range, it is advisable to stay in Finnish and German models of sinks. Though they are expensive, but justifies itself in operation. With a ball mixer, you get the most reliable model of the kitchen sink. Turkish washing attracted by the price, but the metal's too thin. Faucets from Turkey is also of low quality. They often need to change the gasket and the housing, and in sale it is difficult to find original spare parts. The siphons, which are equipped with sinks, it is better to change the model with vodastar. But if you decide to install Turkish the sink, then immediately proceed to the improvement of the design. To strengthen pretty damn elastic the sink and not get the model of the washing-transformer will have to buy a piece of chipboard. It is better to take laminated, but if you want to save, then fit and normal a sheet which is subsequently just stained. To mount the sink we start with the cabinets. The hardware design will be metal or aluminum corners. They are screwed cut to size chipboard sheets. Then attached the hinges, which must be full metal, as the doors of the stand are a massive turn out. The collection of tables is wasted one day. Then set the mixer using the method of fixing the well. The outer wall of the "well" is removable to make it easier to install. Making up the Cabinet, combine it with the adjacent furniture.

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