Installing the Windows with their hands

The installation of roof Windows

step by step instructions.
Установка мансардных окон

Install skylights — this is not easy, from the correctness of the work depends on the integrity of the roof. In order to carry out all works on a qualitative level it is necessary to clearly follow the instructions in the manual supplied with Windows.

Which box to choose

plastic or wooden?
Какие окна выбрать пластиковые или деревянные?

Debate about which is better plastic or wooden Windows have lasted a long time. Decent arguments brought by the supporters of both positions. The purpose of this article to consider the main reasons that drive people and confirm or disprove them.


What is the window sill to choose

plastic, wooden or stone?
Какой подоконник выбрать

Any window, whether wooden or plastic, needs an appropriate design. Only then it will not fall out from the General interior design, but rather to add to it and decorate. We have already spoken, and, I think, will be to discuss the role of jambs, fittings, curtains in the design of Windows.

Why sweat box

or how to remove the condensation on the plastic Windows.
Почему потеют окна

All good Windows – pretty and practical, and retain heat well. But with them, as indeed with any other products, you may encounter some problems during operation. Probably the most common question consumers have when using Windows made of plastic is the question ”why do Windows sweat?”.


Good plastic Windows

how to make the right choice?
Хорошие пластиковые окна

C this issue faced by virtually all buyers of plastic Windows. Mostly this is because people don't know the difference, and I don't want to delve into the essence of the product that was bought. And they buy new Windows, which by the way not many years.

Wood construction

from ancient times to the present day
Дерево в строительстве

It is absolutely impossible to imagine what I would do man, if not had a powerful tool for the construction of the dwelling, its heating, cooking and processing on fire from natural materials.