The interior with your own hands

Stylish bathroom

classic black and white design.
Стильная ванная комната - классический чёрно-белый дизайн.

The bathroom is usually one of the most visited rooms in the house. Its design plays not the last role in the house. Most people start their mornings with the adoption of the invigorating and awakens the soul. And at night, many people like to be pampered and relax in a hot tub.

Design nursery for girls

how to grow a Princess?
Дизайн детской комнаты для девочки - как вырастить принцессу?

From an early age boys and girls are very different from each other. Boys naughty thicket, the mobile and may live in the "field" conditions. Girls are more gentle and peaceful creatures who need comfortable, that is why the arrangement of the maiden room pretty serious problem.

Bench-jigsaw puzzle

unusual design by Cameron Van Dyke.

Bench-jigsaw puzzle from renowned American designer and sculptor Cameron van Dyck (Cameron Van Dyke) is great for public spaces. It is a figure of seats that can move and combine them in any arbitrary order in the likeness of puzzles (hence the name).

The art Nouveau style

in the interior of the house or apartment.
Стиль ар-нуво в интерьере

The first stage of such activities as the repair of apartments is the choice of style in which decorated the decor in the room. Currently trends in the interior design very much, and this article will focus on one of them.