Lighting in the garden

General advice.
Освещение в саду

If you want to create in your garden a warm environment, to enhance the beauty and just to make it easier on yourself and your loved ones, you need to think about the rational and creative lighting areas around your house. Here it is impossible to do with a small light bulb on the porch, you should not hesitate to show imagination. When choosing lights, pay attention to beautiful places in your garden: you may have an unusual evergreen plant or a small pond — they must be given special attention. Water is better to illuminate a colored light — shades of different colors, you can place the lights directly inside of the reservoir, this will create the fairytale atmosphere. When choosing colors, stick to two or three colors, do not use a bright white and bright yellow, try to use something more neutral. You can choose both the decorative lamps, which will serve as decoration and in the daytime, and hidden that will cover the desired area in the dark. Rest areas on your site need to illuminate a warm, soft light — it brings a feeling of comfort and facilitate pleasant conversation. Lighting of the pond in the garden If your garden is small in size, can be limited to lights installed on the external walls of the house. The main thing to protect from moisture cartridges and lamps. For ease of reference, we can provide lamps with motion detectors that will save you money. An interesting solution is to use the "living light" — the fire of candles in a special candelabra the street it will make your original territory. Another finding can be a normal led. Successful combination will turn the plant into a decorative lantern, the diodes consume so little power that standard bulbs for better or comparable. And about security you should not worry. Once you have planned the locations and methods of illumination, do some posting, for this you should choose copper cable with wide cross section and dip it into the earth on depth not less than semimeter. Try to use a lower voltage. For complete safety it is advisable to consult with a specialist.

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