Table definitions water quality

ways for the home environment.
Таблица определения качества воды - способы для домашних условий.

To truly appreciate the quality of the water it is necessary to make correct and reliable chemical analysis, which is necessary to contact the laboratory accredited to conduct chemical and physical studies on drinking water in accordance with the requirements of all applicable governing documents


Choosing Wallpaper paste

and what affects its value.
Выбираем обойный клей и что влияет на его стоимость.

Choosing Wallpaper stasis also need to purchase glue to fasten them on the wall. There are manufacturers, which produce parallel glue to their finishing materials. But if none were, then you'll need to determine what type of glue is suitable to work with a particular selected material.

How they make the pottery

and what does it consist of?
Как производят фаянс и из чего он состоит?

For the production of the main mass of plumbing devices used faience. It is a higher-quality form of pottery. In fact, the pottery produced from white clay mixed with kaolin and quartz components. The mixture goes through a firing. We make tableware, decorative trinkets, plumbing.


Coniferous breeds of a tree

used in construction
Хвойные породы дерева применяемые в строительстве

Wood is a widely used construction material that is applied regardless of the climate. In the construction of log houses the high popularity of conifers, as they are very durable material, almost not susceptible to decay.

How to dry wood

and to determine humidity.
Как высушить древесину и определить влажность.

Wood moisture content can be defined in several ways. In some cases, use of electrolaser. This instrument measures the electrical conductivity of wood depends on its moisture content. Also humidity can be found on such external features as: the

  • Colour bark