Methods of fastening wooden structures

metal gear plate or screws?
Методы крепления деревянных конструкций металлические зубчатые пластины или саморезы?

There are at least two effective, relatively simple and quick method for manufacturing of wooden structures. The use of MOS (metal toothed plates), the first of them. This method is quite attractive low material and physical costs, with high quality products. These plates are stamped from galvanized steel 1.2 mm or 2.0 mm thick and cut to the required size. The desired result is achieved is quite simple – give the boards the necessary form and collect one single design. When RPMS are used on both sides of the product. With the help of special software to calculate and design the required design. This project embarks on a plant, producing construction elements. the

the advantages of this technology include:


  • no tasks
  • the

  • automatic compliance with identity designs
  • the

  • time savings
  • the

  • independence from weather conditions
  • the

  • rather high speed of Assembly
  • the

  • saving content
  • the

  • the ability to create structures of any complexity
  • the

  • high strength connections

But due to the difficulty in transporting such structures mPas rarely used in construction. The second method is widely used in Western countries and is to use self-tapping screws designs. Also used various steel parts that can be used in a wide purposes. For example, using the corners of beams can be fastened at any angle. This method is notable for the fact that it does not require special training or special skills.

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