Music rehearsal room

soundproofing walls and ceiling.
звукоизоляция в репетиционной

The room, which held a music rehearsal with live drums, bass and electric guitars, which require special finishing of walls, ceiling and floor. This is necessary in the first place, so as not to disturb the neighbors if it is a residential premise, and, secondly, the sound quality inside the room, garage, etc. the


So, first you need to apply the primer on walls and ceilings, if desired, may be applied to the floor with several layers. Waiting for it to dry. the

Finished walls

Next you need to purchase egg trays, much. They are best glued with liquid nails. The latest now on the market a huge amount, so take a few options and try them out, select one which glue is best. Trays off all the walls from floor to ceiling. Optionally, you can paste over the ceiling, but not necessarily. Egg trays, due to their structure, absorb sound waves, which is good for room acoustics, but they don't make a sound, i.e. Your neighbors will hear which chords the guitarist takes. Over the trays should be applied in several layers of material synthetic padding. Density, to choose the maximum. Polyester can be fastened directly to the trays or slats nailed to the ceiling and to the floor. It is a good thermal and sound insulator. the

a Finished ceiling, doors and Windows

The ceiling can be papered with a thin foam tiles, or batting, over the trays, in this case, if the room is a basement and need the head are neighbors. On the door you can stick the tube, although it is expensive, but the best natural insulator. Or, from the inner side of the door to make a frame and construct a box and there you can fill ecowool, relatively expensive material, but retains heat very well and the sound, and it does not eat rodents. The minimum thickness of a layer of cellulose wool should be 10 cm when the effect. Windows can be covered with non-rough cloth or curtain, made of batting, folded in several layers. On the floor it is advisable to put carpet, linoleum is not recommended because it will reflect sound waves. The rehearsal room is ready. If this soundproofing will not be enough, you need to calculate slabitelnye places, and spend additional insulation of the same material.

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