The right choice of air conditioning

optimal criteria and site selection.
Правильный выбор кондиционера оптимальные критерии и выбор места.

If You ever bought conditioners, you may already know that they have an extensive list of technical characteristics. Some indicators indicate more efficient cooling of the air in the room. Control system and energy saving modes. Parameters such as a programmable thermostat, a built-in timer or an energy-saving mode, operating automatically, every time you stop the engine compressor, save electricity and money. the


When choosing air conditioning it is necessary to consider the noise factor. Noisy devices cost less, but they can disturb You and the neighbors. In addition, some city authorities have instructions that define sound level limits. To accurately compare air conditioners, ask the seller to run each of them for a minute or two, with the included fan and compressor. Listen closely the sound produced by the unit (internal sound) and the compressor (external sound). the

Installation and maintenance.

Next not less important condition in choosing air conditioners is the ease of access for maintenance, installation and removal. Removal and storage of the air conditioner properly for the winter will keep the air longer, and thereby save more money. Consider, for example, possible thermal losses when air conditioner is removed for the winter. Whether a vacant place is easy to isolate? The majority of air conditioners installed through the wall require experienced installers, while smaller, lighter window air conditioners, are installed with relative ease. Large, heavy conditioners usually require the mounting panel to avoid sliding, and external supports, in addition, may require a dedicated electrical circuit. the


Perhaps the air conditioning unit's location has been thought through. Be aware that the ideal placement provides an optimum movement of air around the conditioning, both inside and outside. A place free from curtains, furniture, outdoor plantings and away from exposure to direct sunlight is the best for conditioning. the


If you need air conditioning to provide cool air right where you need them, which is very important for large areas, and when installing the air conditioner in the corner or closer to the door. Also remember that a clean filter improves air circulation, so when buying learn how to clean the filter on the air conditioner. In General, today's air conditioners are more efficient, quieter and cheaper than widespread portable air conditioners.

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