Roof with their hands

Thermal insulation of the roof with his hands

types of insulation and step by step instructions.
Утепление крыши своими руками

Climatic conditions in most regions of Russia, demand from home owners insulate the roof. The fact that about 25% of all heat loss occurs through the surface, and therefore, it is important to conduct thermal insulation of the roof with his hands.

Installation of a soft roof with their hands

doing the right thing.
Монтаж мягкой кровли своими руками

In this article you will learn how to mount the underlay under soft shingles, and how to carry out the installation of a soft roof.For the life of the roofing tiles were many years it is very important to set. It is equally important to arrange for plates flat and stable base.


Gable roof with his hands

types of truss systems and calculation of area.
Двухскатная крыша своими руками

Despite the fact that in a modern country construction is often intricate shape of the roof, classic gable has not lost its relevance. When erect it with your own hands is not so difficult. Today we will talk about how to build a gable roof.