Siding in construction

types and their advantages.
Сайдинг в строительстве - виды и их плюсы.

The house without exterior looks bare. Priority two ways to dry the walls. You can close the exterior walls of sandwich panels. For this finish does not require additional preparation of the wall surface. And you can equip ventilated facades with siding, but then you will need to perform preliminary insulation. In spite of this, a greater preference is shown a siding finish. The siding has the appearance of 2-6 metre decorative panel with a bandwidth of 10-30 cm Siding panels are durable, the cost of their maintenance of zero because they do not need to touch up or patch up the cracks on the surface, and, therefore, it is very economical. Conduct finishing works siding at any time, without regard to seasonality. In addition, the siding's rich variety of colors, allowing you to make the house individual. The material has virtually no drawbacks, except for its high cost and the need to attract professionals for work. The cheapest of the sidings is vinyl. It is durable, resistant to damage by fungus, moisture, insects. Vinyl siding is easy to install and non-flammable. Also when you finish using aluminum siding, panels, wood and cement siding. The latter is just a primed surface and need painting. Steel siding is used in bulk and industrial construction. The surface of the walls covered with siding can be washed with water from the hose just pressure washing off dust and dirt.

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