Outdoor shower with your own hands

for the home and garden.
Летний душ своими руками

Today we will discuss how you can quickly and easily build a shower at the cottage. Following simple instructions, in just a couple of days you will be able to create so useful for summer resident building.For any day, a shower is one of the most important buildings on the site.


Construction of fences made of profiled sheet

your own hands - step by step instructions.
Строительство забора из профлиста

Before construction of the fence must first accurately calculate the required amount of materials, as well as determine its location. To do this simply. For this you just need to count the length of the future fence on the site plan, which will be equal to the perimeter of our site.

How to build a woodshed with his hands

at home and at the cottage.
Как построить дровяник своими руками

Woodshed in the garden is more than something of the design of the yard. This building serves as a place to stack the wood. Agree convenient, stoking the fire in the barbecue, always have dry branches.


A gazebo of timber with his own hands

step-by-step construction.
Беседка из бруса своими руками

Imagine how nice it is to relax in the beautiful gazebo courtyard private cottage surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery together with relatives and best friends. If You don't have one — don't worry, it can always be done independently.

How to build a sauna from a bar

your own hands - step by step instructions.
Как построить баню из бруса

The construction of baths is quite costly and time consuming. Today, few people can take advantage of ready projects of baths, or order the construction and some of the company. That is why many build it yourself. During the construction of baths using a variety of building materials.


Construction of greenhouses

go metal wooden frame to use?
Строительство теплицы металлический иди деревянный каркас?

Construction of greenhouses it is difficult - but worthwhile, so it should be treated thoroughly, to weigh the pros and cons and only then decide whether you need it to start at all. If despite all the difficulties and expenses you do decide to do the construction, then this article is for you.