Types of ducts in the form

their industrial production.
Виды воздуховодов по форме их промышленное производство.

Clean air is the key to a good mood and most productive labour. To ensure that it will help a modern ventilation system. On the market of ventilation equipment presents different types of mechanisms which differ not only in size. the air Ducts can be: the

  • Rectangular
  • the

  • Round
  • the

  • Oval
  • the

  • Longitudinal
  • the

  • Spiralnebeln
  • the

  • Semi-rigid

Before you make a definite decision ductwork, it should be remembered that proper ventilation is of great importance, many details of their system, including the material and the form from which they are made. For a flawless and bessmay operation of the ventilation system should take into account the speed of airflow, which should not exceed the guideline values. The cross-sectional area is calculated based on the volume passed through it of air flow and the speed of its movement. Semi-rigid circular cross-section and the devices were made of foil, by helically–wound method. The foil is made of galvanized or stainless steel. Ducts of this type are produced by the length 15 meters, easily bent in any direction, while providing excellent tightness. The temperature of the air flow at the speed of 30 m/s can be up to 200 °C. These devices can withstand pressure up to 3150 PA. Rectangular ducts are manufactured with a German or Danish hardware of galvanized or stainless steel. The connection of parts is performed using strips of tires while ensuring tight sealing of the class P (dense). For good rigidity of the structure of the optimal ratio would be one to three. Ducts with rectangular cross-section are of a standard length from 1500 mm to 2500 mm. Spirally-wound circular duct is manufactured on American equipment, and it also includes a galvanized or stainless steel. Details of spiral-wound mechanism are connected by a nipple with the appropriate rubber sealing ring T, as well as further silicone sealant and mounting screws. Nipple connection is to provide absolute tightness, reducing air loss and reducing the resulting noise. The length of the duct of about three meters. Despite the current positive features and functions, there are limitations in their use. They are not applicable for the ventilation, with the air concentration of acids and alkalis or directs the products of combustion from boilers or open flame, and use liquid fuel.

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