Types of pipes

used in the construction.
Разновидности труб применяемых в строительстве.

The pipes are widely used in modern construction. It is served by gas, water, discharged sewage, etc. the Pipes can be built ceramics, cast iron, plastic, stainless steel. The most familiar remain a steel tube with galvanization. They are the most durable. These pipes do not need to paint and primed. the

Galvanized pipes do in two ways:

  1. Welded
  2. the

  3. Seamless.

Their connection produce steel fittings. To distinguish steel from iron pipe is simple enough to drip on the questionable metal with sulfuric acid. After a few minutes, wash the site of application and look at the resulting color spots. If the stain is painted black, so it steel pipe. If the stain has turned grey, this is a pipe made of iron. This test will not damage the pipe, and the stain will be easily removed with water. Cast iron pipes are a traditional plumbing equipment. They are cheap and reliable. Cast iron pipe shall be protected against corrosion. To do this, outside covered with bitumen. For qualitative connection of these pipes will need to tow. Cast iron pipe can be replaced with ceramic. They successfully carry out Sewerage functions. Asbestos-cement pipes are sturdy and inexpensive, but critical in transportation. The joints of such pipes should be smooth and dense. These pipes are universal. Of these pipes can be safely mounted ventilation. Pipes of metallopolymers is an achievement of modern science. Their Assembly is reminiscent of modeling clay. They are harmless and will not be korrodirovaniju. Plastic pipe is simple to install, so often used in everyday life.

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