The walls with their hands

Types of putty for walls

oil-glutinous, dry, water-dispersed and acrylic.
Виды шпатлевок для стен - масляно-клеевые, сухие, воднодисперсионные и акриловые.

To align the walls in the room have appropriate materials. More recently, widely used oil-glutinous shpatlevki made on the basis of drying oil. They were cheap and not complicated. However, their benefits ended. Today there is a wide range of dry putty, which was the cement and plaster.

A brief overview of decorative panels

varieties for different rooms.
Краткий обзор декоративных панелей - разновидности для разных помещений.

Decorative panels allow you to make repairs quickly and without much dirt. To select them we need to decide what you want to see in his apartment. Modern panels are able to create the illusion of natural masonry or looks that are virtually indistinguishable from the Wallpaper.

Facing brick

a few facts.
Облицовочный кирпич

The versatility of brick proved not one decade. And it is hardly necessary to repeat almost axiomatic truths, such as frost resistance, strength and environmental friendliness. This is all true for brick.