What is better not to save in construction

practical advice.
На чём лучше не экономить в строительстве - практические советы.

Very often during the renovation or construction of a house craftsmen and sellers of building materials markets suggest, it would seem unnecessary and extra work and materials. Often the customer is trying to save money, refuses them. And it is in vain. Such works can be attributed to all sorts of processing coatings – strengthening, anti-fungal, waterproofing, and vapor barrier, sound insulation. Often fall into this category and the techniques for warming the house.At first glance it may seem that this is an extra precaution. But this is a very superficial judgment. For example, consider waterproofing the Foundation and walls. That the moisture easily destroys even concrete, especially in our climate, it is hard to believe, since the process is a long and subtle in the beginning. But accumulating in the micropores, the water freezes, it expands and breaks the structure of any material. And in this place is still a big void where respectively gathers more moisture, and so on the rise. And then the cracks in the wall, and all of a sudden.But that's not all. Even an increase of two percent moisture greatly reduces the insulating properties of the materials that can result in increasing heating costs up to 10 percent. Yes, even at such a low level, calculate the costs, the savings per heating season.But not only the walls and foundations are afraid of water. Steam - and waterproofing of the roof is a must – accumulating condensation leads to premature failure, which affects and roofing materials, and the design of the roof. Lags at points of contact just begin to rot. All this significantly reduces the service life of your roof.Significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling in the heat will help the insulation. No matter what you choose as insulation. Insulation materials today are available in a huge range of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. They can vary in composition and greatly in price. But whatever material you choose, home insulation will help to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature in the house. Yes and all the materials in the absence of extremes, will last much longer.You should not just forget about these protectors of the home, like drainage system, and in the absence of natural water flow and drainage system. They also help get rid of the superfluous and dangerous moisture.Overall, if you count the cost of the installation of all these protective technologies and materials, the amount obtained, though not of space, but significant. And as for comfort and operation, it is, however, not reflected, it is often simply ignored. But, if you think about what you can every month to save on heating, and following renovations in the years, the profitability of their holding becomes undeniable. So maybe it should be a time to spend a little and save many times more in the future. Because, as you know every dollar counts, and in this situation, the saying works in the truest sense. Protect your home, and it becomes a real area of warmth and comfort for many years.

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