What is the steel door to choose

for apartment, house or Villa.
Какую стальную дверь выбрать для квартиры, дома или дачи.

Deciding to install a steel door decide what the quality should be paramount. At first the plan usually goes the reliability. Steel door must be able to withstand physical impacts, "intellectual hacking". Important for door providing the original functionality. In other words it must have a quality sound-proof and keep warm. Also the door should have a decent view. Not to grind and to rumble when open. If you are installing the door in urban high-rise buildings, it is necessary to give preference to the protection of "intellectual hacking". It is unlikely in the entrance will decide to break the door with the noise and rumble. So don't skimp on the locks. To optimally set the two locks of different types. Such locks more difficult to open. Install additional protection at the locks in the form of armor plates and armor plates. And the latter can open even the most perfect castle, so for the full warranty, get the alarm. But in suburban towns the steel door should be strong enough to reliably withstand rough breakup. As for the door insulation, around the perimeter of the fabric to pin the two layers of quality sealant. Massive decorative panels effectively muffle sound vibrations. All cracks, after the installation, you should have a good froth up. Modern finishes steel doors, in the form of sewing decorative panels, replaced method of upholstery artificial leather. Finishing panels can be textured or flat. Trim panels allows you to choose colors and images under the overall design of the room.

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